Stop the Seven50 Regional Plan



This Seven50 Plan has its roots firmly planted in the 2-decade-old United Nations program called Agenda 21, and Seven50 is now Agenda 21′s latest manifestation here in our local seven-county region.


FALSE CHOICES – Agenda 21 and Your Property Rights
by John Anthony

This 14 minute video gives you very quick overview of UN’s Agenda 21 and how it impacts you – and, more importantly, your children – right NOW, locally, in your own community.

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Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version
by John Anthony

This video gives a much more detailed (and chilling) explanation of how Agendaa 21 has quietly invaded nearly every local jurisdictions across America. This video ties together the many intricate threads of Agenda 21, its history, and its threat to individual private property ownership – an essential principle upon which this nation was founded, and upon which free-market capitalism depends. Both are now under immminent and direct attack. This 1 hour and 23 minutes long video will explain in clear, straightforward detail, an alarming story of the battle for control over your individual property rights. A battle that, up until now, YOU have been losing.

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Agenda21 – Earth Summit – The United Nations Programme of Action From Rio

Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 – For the People and their Public Officials