Stop the Seven50 Regional Plan


The Plan


The Southeast Florida Regional Partnership, a non-governmental organization (NGO), is implementing a plan that will take private property decisions away from local governments and citizens and place them in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

Seven50 means seven Florida counties across a 50 year time span.  Seven50 is a plan that encompasses the control of all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy and all human beings in the seven county area under the direction of the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership.

Their vision for our growth is being funded, and thus driven, by federal agencies including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).  Your tax dollars have already funded this NGO to the tune of many millions of dollars already.

The seven Florida Counties – plus all the local jurisdictions within these counties, including cities – cover:

  • Monroe County
  • Miami-Dade County
  • Broward County
  • Palm Beach County
  • Martin County
  • St. Lucie County
  • Indian River County

The County of Indian River, plus several local jurisdictions in Indian River County have already voted to withdraw for the Seven50 plan.

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